• J. Engebretson

Back and taking 2019 by storm!

After a short break where I briefly thought I might pull back from my photography to go back to work full time, my son and crazy life has taught me that my life and future is my photography and to try to change that now after three years would be insanity.

Well most everyone knows that I have been struggling with the idea of going back to work full time, while I love my photography and LOVE my clients I sometimes struggle with the idea that I should be helping more with the finances . Well I tried ... I went back to work ! and well guess what ? Parker got sick , and well things just didn't work out . BUT ! I truly feel like it was the best possible thing for me to have done , because now I know for sure , that me working for myself at my passion is what is best for our little family. By being home with Parker I get to be the one who takes him to all of his appointments and is here for him when he is sick , and ALL you mothers out there whether your child is special needs or not can recognize how good of a feeling that can be!

So that being said ... what will change with Ray of Light ?? ALOT I will be taking the business seriously as of 2019! I am booking weddings full time as well as all of the other stuff I offered before , not to mention there will be monthly deals as well as monthly mini sessions you can opt in on ! Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and here of course for all upcoming deals and contact me if your looking for something you don't see offered ! Im also looking at partnering with a few amazing businesses as well so if you would like to team up , feel free to message me !

Well thats all for me today dolls !

Much love and strength from our house to yours xoxo


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